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We must cease our skyrocketing healthcare costs, and end the gouging of prescription drug prices. We must allow Medicare to negotiate its own healthcare costs; implement a healthcare system in which we treat a janitor the same way as we do a CEO. And finally, we must protect those with pre-existing conditions from ever being afraid of being kicked off their insurance.


We must increase teacher salaries and support staff to level the playing fields and end teachers having to moonlight as waiters/waitresses. We must bring education professionals to the table to assist in making decisions that impact the lives of students and educators. And finally, we have to reform our system in which we designate schools to be failing; appointment of emergency managers, and taking power away from the school district to fix its problems. 


We must protect working people, as our legislature has moved to disenfranchise them over the last ten years. First, I would immediately move to over-turn Right to Work; and move toward pushing corporations to have a union member sit on the boards and committees to make decisions for the working families. Finally, we must fight for a $15 minimum wage and CTE programs implemented in high-schools and colleges to train our workforce for the next century. 

Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system works great for you if you're wealthy and well-connected; not so well if you're a mother of a troubled youth who needs a second chance. We must immediately release anyone convicted of a first-time non-violent drug offense. Abolish our racist and prejudiced cash-bail system; move toward a system of rehabilitation and not punishment, and end the incessant fines with minimal crimes. 


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